About Us

Chocolate is a sweet temptation that transcends barriers of age and language, delighting the taste buds of one and all. The term "melts in your mouth"; may be a cliché, but nothing else describes "The Ooty chocolates" better, as the taste lingers in your mouth long after the chocolates are gone.

Started off as a small two member operation with Thilak and his mother roasting almonds, melting chocolate bars and concocting flavors with essential oils. Today after two decades, it is a business with loyal customer following and stores spread across four towns and two states. 

Welcome to The Ooty Chocolates - where quality and safe ingredients are basics since day one. It is not a fancy marketing word for us. We started with our personal name behind the brand and it is very important for us that we stay as a quality first brand. 

We want your life to be as sweet and delightful like our chocolates. That is our motto too - "To create delightful moments, everyday!" Let's celebrate more often, gift small treasures of love and be happy. For, without these delightful moments what is life!?